Nigerian Prophet predicts Asake will cut off his hair and become a powerful pastor

Nigerian Prophet Gideon Isah has shared a prophecy about a popular musician, Asake, revealing that God intends to use him as a powerful pastor, marking a significant transformation in his life.

In a video circulating on social media, Prophet Gideon Isah speaks about Asake and his divine calling into ministry.

He mentions, “There is a Nigerian musician that God wants to use him. His name is Asaka. God wants to use him as a pastor. He is going for a bar b that all his hair and he will become a pastor. I am prophesying. I’m not telling you I’m not telling you.”

The prophecy describes Asake’s future as a global preacher, spreading the divine message worldwide. It references an earlier prophecy involving Asake’s mother, who visited a renowned pastor. The pastor prophesied that she would bear a remarkable son, and Asake’s mother vowed to allow him to follow God’s will.

However, the prophecy suggests that Asake has deviated from this path, prompting God’s call for him to return. Prophet Gideon Isah predicts a divine intervention that will lead to Asake’s spiritual reclaiming, symbolized by his arrest, expected to occur before the end of 2024.

“This is what God said that Asake is going to become a pastor who will be preaching all around the world. He should ask his mother When his mother was looking for him. She went to a celebrity pastor and the pastor prayed for her and he told her she was going to carry a baby boy and the boy would be great. The mother said if she can have that boy she’s going to allow the boy to do anything God wants. And he has deviated. God wants him back and God is going to arrest him. And the arrest is going to come before the end of 2024. Watch out and see”

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