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Welcome to the official YouTube video of “Call From the Street” by Sugar Ranking, a soul-stirring and award-winning song from the Ranking Family camp. This powerful track was recorded at the prestigious Coldeye Studios for Coldeye Records, ensuring top-notch production and sound quality. “Call From the Street” is not just a song; it is a poignant message aimed at addressing the plights of vulnerable children living on the streets. With its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody, Sugar Ranking’s song strikes a chord with listeners, inspiring them to take action and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. This timeless masterpiece holds a special place in the hearts of many, and it comes as no surprise that “Call From the Street” has garnered three prestigious awards, solidifying its impact and relevance in the music industry. Sugar Ranking, a talented artist from the Ranking Family, delivered this heartwarming anthem as his debut single back in the year 2002. Since then, it has touched the lives of countless individuals and continues to be a source of hope and empowerment for those in need. As you watch the official video for “Call From the Street,” immerse yourself in the captivating visuals that further amplify the song’s powerful message. Let the music and the heartfelt storytelling take you on a journey of empathy, understanding, and a call for change. Join us in supporting Sugar Ranking’s mission to uplift and empower the children in the streets. Like, share, and comment on this video to spread the message far and wide. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for those who need it most. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful musical journey. Remember to subscribe to TheRabbi Official channel to stay updated with more heartwarming and impactful music from Sugar Ranking and the Ranking Family camp.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.call-from-the-streets-advocating-for-the-rights-of-african-children/ 00:00 Introduction 00:13 bridge 00:23 chorus 00:47 verse 1 01:24 chorus 2 02:02 verse 2 02:42 chorus 3

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