Black Sherif Faces Backlash for Supporting #PlayGhana Initiative

In an unexpected turn of events, Black Sherif, the rising star in the music industry, finds himself at the center of controversy after throwing his support behind the #PlayGhana initiative. Adesope Olajide, a prominent Nigerian media personality, reveals that some Nigerian blogs are considering boycotting the artist due to his endorsement of the movement aimed at promoting Ghanaian music.

The #PlayGhana Initiative:
The #PlayGhana initiative was recently launched with the support of notable figures in the Ghanaian music scene, including Samini, Reggie Rockstone, DJ Mensah, and Smallgod. The primary goal of the initiative is to consistently promote and elevate Ghanaian music, combating the prevalent dominance of foreign music in the country.

Black Sherif’s Stance:
Black Sherif, expressing solidarity with the cause, clarified that the initiative is not about assigning blame to DJs, artists, or consumers. Instead, it seeks a united effort to champion Ghanaian music. In his words, “It’s a step in the right direction for us all, our music and our culture. So play Ghana. Blessings.”

Nigerian Blogger Backlash:
Despite Black Sherif’s well-intentioned remarks, Adesope Olajide, also known as Shopsydoo, reveals that some Nigerian bloggers may target the emerging artist. Shopsydoo suggests that, being relatively new to the industry, Black Sherif may be seen as an easier target compared to established figures like Reggie Rockstone or Samini.

Potential Impact on Black Sherif:
Adesope expresses concern that this backlash could affect Black Sherif, who enjoys significant popularity in Nigeria and has a substantial fan base. The media personality emphasizes that attacking the rising star may be a strategic move by bloggers who believe he may be less equipped to respond.

Defense of the #PlayGhana Initiative:
Adesope defends the call for prioritizing Ghanaian music, particularly during holidays when diasporas flock to the country. He argues that promoting local content is essential for shaping the perception of Ghanaian music abroad. The global reception of the country’s music scene, he contends, is heavily influenced by what visitors take home.

As Black Sherif navigates this unexpected backlash, the #PlayGhana initiative continues to push forward in its mission to elevate Ghanaian music. The controversy highlights the challenges faced in promoting local content and underscores the importance of unity in the industry to overcome such obstacles. Only time will tell how this incident shapes Black Sherif’s career and the trajectory of the #PlayGhana movement.

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