Nature Ranks

 Nature Ranks: A Rising Star in the World of Reggae and Dancehall Music

Nature Ranks, known by his birth name Afum Bekoe Gideon, is quickly making a name for himself in the world of music. Born on June 15, 1985, in Ghana, He is a rising star in the reggae and dancehall genre. His musical journey is a testament to his passion, dedication, and the unique vibes he brings to the music scene.

Early Life and Education:

Nature Ranks was born to Asor Boateng Matilda and Afum Bekoe Pual. He received his basic education at Abossey Okai Methodist New Abossey Okai 2 Junior High School, and from there, he continued his educational journey at WBM Zion Senior High School before proceeding to the Koforidua Technical University.

Career and Special Skills:

At the core of his career, Nature Ranks is a musician who has made a significant impact on the reggae and dancehall music genres. His unique style and vocal delivery set him apart in the industry. Beyond his musical talents, Nature possesses a versatile skill set that includes radio broadcasting journalism, art and craft, acting, and songwriting.

Early Beginnings:

Nature Ranks’ musical journey started in his junior high school years when he did his first analog recording as part of a group at Benverg Studio, located at Zongo Junction in Accra, Ghana, in the year 2001. This early experience marked the beginning of a promising career in music. He drew inspiration from the great artist Sugar Ranking of the Ranking Family, which motivated him to explore and nurture the immense talent he felt within his soul.

After graduating from high school in 2004, Nature Ranks relocated to Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The natural beauty and scenic landscapes of this region served as a wellspring of inspiration for his unique vibes.

Rising to Fame:

Nature Ranks’ journey to fame began to gain momentum when he ventured into radio broadcasting journalism, allowing him to connect with DJs, MCs, and other individuals who recognized and supported his musical talents. His breakthrough came in 2011 with the release of the reggae dub “Living for Jah,” produced under Black Nation Music. This track garnered significant attention and set the stage for a remarkable career.

Subsequently, Nature Ranks released hit after hit, including tracks like “Champion Lover” in 2012 and “Party Time” and “Who Is the Dancehall King.” His music resonated with audiences, both locally and internationally, propelling him into the spotlight.

International Collaborations:

Nature Ranks’ musical prowess led him to collaborate with various international record labels, such as Rebel Liberation in Kenya, Mix Masters Entertainment in Zimbabwe, and Mollers Production in Australia, among others. His music reached audiences across the world, marking his global impact.

Local Connections:

In addition to his international collaborations, Nature Ranks established local connections with entertainment entities like Mingle Entertainment and HBz Entertainment, further cementing his position in the music industry.

Nature Ranks’ journey in the world of reggae and dancehall music is a testament to his talent and determination. With a diverse skill set, international collaborations, and a growing fan base, he is undoubtedly a rising star to watch out for. His passion and commitment to music continue to drive his promising career forward, making him a notable figure in the music scene.

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