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@Blacksheriff_ Ghanaian born superstar

Ghanaian born January 9, 2002 (age 20 years) Mohammed Ismail Sharrif professionally known as @Blacksheriff_ is a Ghanaian singer and rapper who is now adopting the style of “support our own” with the rate of fans supporting their artistes in promotions, also with fans’ reactions towards Black sheriff’s new single quick release on ALL social media platforms will marvel you.

He gained popularity in 2021 with his song “First Sermon” in May 2021. This was followed up with “Second Sermon” in July with his konongo record label. His Genre of music includes Rapping, Highlife, Afrobeats, Pop rap, Drill music, Hip-Hop/Rap.

@Blacksheriff_ post by Instagram

His full names, place of birth, state of origin and country) has finally break the ice in supporting their own artistes with fans’ playing the new single titled “Soldier”. Black sheriff is a student of University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), Kumasi Academy.

The song is been played on most the STREETS of Tema as of yesterday’s Sunday, pubs around community 8 (Ritz pub) and 7 (Newyork Lounge and The Reception) were busy hitting the song.

The number of people who jumped so excitedly to the song will marvel you, while fans are reacting so massively to his new single while TikTokers are not left behind.

The sensational talented young juvenile black sheriff has finally made mother Ghana proud by bringing in togetherness, oneness, peace, understanding, unity, and Love in the music industry.

Safe click to @Blacksheriff_ YouTube channel https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zdKpIM9VwGM

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