DanceGod Llyod clarifies: “I have no grudge with Quables”

dance god lloyd

dance god lloyd

dance god lloyd

Renowned dancer, DanceGod Llyod, has dispelled any notion of animosity with his former manager at DWP Academy, Quables.

Quables recently criticized DanceGod Llyod for publicly celebrating becoming the first Ghanaian dancer verified on TikTok. He tweeted, “in Ghana when a dancer has nothing to do anymore he starts to celebrate verification,” shortly after DanceGod Llyod’s post.

Despite rumors of a strained relationship, DanceGod Llyod clarified in an interview with YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon that he and Quables are still good friends. He expressed confusion over Quables’ tweet, stating that he harbors no ill feelings towards him.

DanceGod Llyod explained that he left DWP Academy in 2022 without prior notice to anyone but emphasized that the decision was not influenced by any negative feelings towards Quables. He described their relationship as that of brothers who achieved something remarkable together.

The dancer also addressed a tweet from October last year, clarifying that it was not aimed at Quables but rather at individuals in the industry who had treated him poorly. He emphasized that he has encountered disappointment from various people in the creative arts industry, not just Quables.

Overall, DanceGod Llyod reiterated his respect and love for Quables, expressing his confusion over the recent criticism but affirming that he holds no grudge against his former manager.

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