Kim Kardashian sheds over 100,000 social media followers in clash with Taylor Swift’s fans

kim and taylor

kim and taylor

kim and taylor

Kim Kardashian has recently found herself at the center of social media scrutiny following the release of a new diss track by Taylor Swift. The song, titled “THANK YOU AIMEE,” is seen as a direct response to Kim and includes lyrics that mock her, referring to her as a “bronze spray-tanned statue.” This has led to a wave of backlash against Kim, resulting in her reportedly losing over 100,000 followers across various social media platforms.

Swift’s fans, known as Swifties, have been particularly vocal in their criticism of Kim, flooding her social media accounts with negative comments. They have expressed support for Swift, praising her for standing up to Kim in her music. The feud between Kim and Swift dates back to 2016 when Kim released a private conversation between Swift and Kanye West, which led to a public falling out between the two celebrities.

Despite the backlash, some of Kim’s supporters believe that the diss track has only served to increase her fame. There are suggestions that Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, should capitalize on the drama in their family’s Hulu show. However, losing over 100,000 followers is a notable development for Kim, given her massive following of 363 million on Instagram alone.

Swift has not shied away from expressing her grievances with Kim, referencing the leaked phone call incident in her music. The ongoing feud between the two celebrities has captured the attention of fans and media alike, with many speculating on the future of their relationship.

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