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🔥 What’s a Riddim?

For the uninitiated, a riddim is the instrumental background rhythm of a song. It’s the heartbeat of reggae and dancehall music, setting the tone for artists to express themselves lyrically and for listeners to get lost in the rhythm.

🚀 Why Our Riddim Instrumentals?

      • 🎹 Unique Creations: Each instrumental is a product of creativity, crafted with passion and a touch of the Ranking Family magic.

      • 🌍 Global Sounds: Our collection spans genres and influences, reflecting the rich diversity of musical traditions.

    • 🎤 For Artists and Fans: Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking for inspiration or a music enthusiast seeking fresh beats, you’re in the right place.

🎧 How to Experience the Magic:

      1. 📜 Scroll Through: Browse our extensive list of riddim instrumentals, each with its own flavor and character.

      1. 🎶 Listen In: Click on any title to play the instrumental right here on the page. Immerse yourself in the melodies, feel the rhythm, and let the music take you on a journey.

    1. 📥 Download: If you find a beat that resonates with you, many of our instrumentals are available for download. Feel free to use them in your creative projects or simply enjoy them on repeat.


Rudeboy Neji Keke instrumentals
Shata Wale Juju instrumental
Shata Wale Juju instrumental
Stonebwoy ft binnieman suga instrumentals
Grass to Grce riddim instrumentals
Risky Riddim Instrumentals: by Rsiky-Davido-Popcaan
Grass to Grce riddim instrumentals
dancehall yaad riddim(prod by Shelly Vybz
dancefloor riddim - prod by Shelly Vybz
COLD INNA SUMMER(Prod by Shelly vybz)

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