Kizz Daniel and Tekno Engage in Heated Feud, Exchange Threats Over Revealing Secrets: “Remember When We Saved You With Buga”

kizz daniel

kizz daniel

kizz daniel

Top Nigerian singers Kizz Daniel and Tekno have recently been embroiled in a public feud on social media, stemming from their collaboration on the song “Buga.” The tension escalated when Kizz Daniel responded to a post by Tekno, refuting claims that he was paid N1 billion for the collaboration.

The feud began weeks ago when Tekno took to social media to boast about the success of “Buga” and insinuated that he had been paid a substantial amount for his contribution to the song. However, Kizz Daniel’s response contradicted Tekno’s claims, sparking a heated exchange between the two musicians.

In his response, Kizz Daniel dismissed Tekno’s assertions, stating that he had not been paid N1 billion for “Buga.” He further suggested that Tekno was fabricating stories to boost his image and gain attention. This response from Kizz Daniel seemed to ignite a firestorm, as Tekno retaliated with a series of posts, including one that hinted at revealing secrets about Kizz Daniel.

The public feud between Kizz Daniel and Tekno quickly gained traction, with fans of both artists weighing in on the drama. Many fans expressed shock and disappointment at the public spat between the two singers, while others took sides and defended their favorite artist.

As the feud between Kizz Daniel and Tekno continues to play out on social media, it serves as a reminder of the complexities of the music industry and the pressures that artists face to maintain their public image. While it is unclear how the feud will ultimately be resolved, one thing is certain: the drama between Kizz Daniel and Tekno has captivated the attention of their fans and the public alike.

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