Wendy Shay: Ghana Lacks Veteran Musician Support

Ghanaian singer Wendy Shay has raised concerns about the lack of support and recognition for veteran musicians in the music industry. She expressed her grief over the situation, highlighting the absence of a structured system to reward musicians who have contributed significantly to the growth and development of Ghana’s music scene.

During an appearance on TV3’s New Day show on March 8, 2024, Wendy Shay discussed the plight of veteran musician KK Kabobo, who is currently battling liver disease and requires assistance. Wendy Shay visited KK Kabobo and donated GH₵10,000 towards his medical bills, while also calling for more support from the public.

Wendy Shay lamented that musicians like KK Kabobo, who had produced hit songs in the past, are now suffering due to the lack of support structures in the industry. She emphasized the need for a structured system that recognizes and rewards veteran musicians for their contributions.

KK Kabobo is a renowned Ghanaian Highlife musician known for his popular songs such as ‘Onyame Ahu Wo’ and ‘Nyatse Nyatse Girl.’ Despite his musical successes, he is currently facing financial challenges due to his illness. Wendy Shay’s visit and donation were part of efforts to raise awareness about his situation and garner support from the public.

Wendy Shay’s advocacy extends beyond KK Kabobo to other veteran musicians who are also facing challenges. She called on authorities to create a welfare system that ensures the well-being and recognition of veteran musicians in Ghana.

In conclusion, Wendy Shay’s actions highlight the need for greater support and recognition for veteran musicians who have contributed significantly to Ghana’s music industry. Her efforts to support KK Kabobo and raise awareness about the challenges facing veteran musicians are commendable and serve as a call to action for stakeholders in the music industry to prioritize the welfare of these music legends.

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