Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Ghana, Freakystyle makes a distinctive mark on the global stage with his dynamic track “Polytricks” featured on the groundbreaking Guidance Riddim Album. This collaboration not only adds a touch of West African flavor to the album but also injects a thought-provoking commentary on the complexities of politics and society.

As the beats of the Guidance Riddim Album reverberate, Freakystyle’s energetic vocals take center stage. “Polytricks” opens with an infectious fusion of Ghanaian rhythms and the timeless beats of reggae, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors the rhythmic diversity of both regions.

Freakystyle’s lyrics navigate through the intricate dance of politics, exposing the nuances and challenges faced in contemporary society. “Polytricks” becomes a lyrical journey, challenging the status quo and encouraging listeners to critically engage with the political landscape while grooving to the irresistible rhythm.

The chorus, filled with catchy hooks and insightful wordplay, resonates as a rallying cry for political awareness and social change. Freakystyle’s charismatic delivery, rooted in the traditions of Ghanaian music, breathes life into the track, making it a compelling addition to the Guidance Riddim Album.

The production expertise of Shelly Vybz ensures that the Guidance Riddim provides a fitting canvas for Freakystyle’s exploration of “Polytricks.” The seamless integration of Ghanaian influences and reggae vibes creates a sonic tapestry that not only entertains but also sparks reflection on the global nature of political dynamics.

As “Polytricks” finds its place within the Guidance Riddim Album, it becomes a standout moment—a fusion of Ghanaian musical prowess and the timeless appeal of reggae. Freakystyle’s contribution showcases the ability of music to transcend borders and genres, addressing universal themes that resonate with listeners worldwide.

The Guidance Riddim Album, now enriched by the vibrant sounds of “Polytricks,” stands as a testament to the global reach of reggae and dancehall. Freakystyle’s track becomes a call to action, urging listeners to engage in the polytricks of politics while celebrating the diversity and interconnectedness that define the world of music.

Freakystyle’s ‘Polytricks’ on the Guidance Riddim Album

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