The event “KALI PROCESS presents MOTHER EARTH FESTIVAL 2016” featured a live performance by OSAGYEFO GH, promising a vibrant celebration of music, culture, and environmental consciousness.

As part of the festival, attendees experienced the fusion of music and advocacy for environmental sustainability. The performance by OSAGYEFO GH likely showcased a unique blend of musical genres, rhythms, and lyrical messages aimed at raising awareness about the importance of protecting Mother Earth.

The event likely featured lively performances, engaging the audience with rhythmic beats, captivating melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics. OSAGYEFO GH’s live performance may have served as a platform to inspire action and foster a deeper connection to nature and environmental stewardship among attendees.

Overall, “KALI PROCESS presents MOTHER EARTH FESTIVAL 2016, OSAGYEFO GH performing live” encapsulates a dynamic convergence of music, culture, and environmental advocacy, inviting participants to engage in a celebration of our planet while embracing the power of music to inspire positive change.

Mula Palmer on Grab the Mic | Facetvnews

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