Kwabena Kwabena Withdraws from Political Involvement Ahead of Elections

Renowned Ghanaian musician Kwabena Kwabena has declared his withdrawal from political involvement ahead of the upcoming elections, stating that he has no intentions of campaigning for any political party or producing songs for them.

In an interview on TV3’s ‘New Day’, the Aso hitmaker affirmed his decision, emphasizing that he is completely disengaging from politics and asserting his identity as a Ghanaian first and foremost.

Despite his previous vocal support for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and his instrumental role in their 2016 campaign, Kwabena Kwabena now distances himself from political affiliations.

Meanwhile, the award-winning musician is gearing up for a collaboration with songstress Becca at the Vita Milk Love Night scheduled for Valentine’s Day at the Grand Arena of the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC). Promising a night of love and enchanting performances, Kwabena Kwabena assures patrons of a memorable experience with his soulful renditions.

Joining him on stage for the romantic evening will be other talented artists including R2Bees, Efya, Camidoh, S3fa, and Lasmid, among others.

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Title: K.T. Hammond Feels Betrayed by Minority Over Import Restrictions Legislation

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The Minister of Trade and Industry, Kobina Tahir Hammond, commonly known as K.T. Hammond, has expressed a sense of betrayal by the Minority in Parliament regarding the laying of a Legislative Instrument (L.I) aimed at restricting the import of specific strategic products.

In an interview with JoyNews’ Evans Mensah, Mr. Hammond revealed that a consensus had been reached with the Minority for the laying of the L.I., which sought to impose restrictions on the importation of 22 products. Despite addressing the Minority’s concerns in a meeting chaired by Dominic Ayine, Mr. Hammond felt betrayed by the subsequent opposition from the Minority Leader.

Expressing frustration, Mr. Hammond described the opposition as ‘duplicity’ and confirmed feeling stabbed in the back. He acknowledged his disagreement with the parliamentary process but chose to proceed nonetheless.

Furthermore, Mr. Hammond highlighted his pursuit of redress in the High Court, emphasizing that Parliament does not sit in an adjudicative capacity.

In a related development, six business associations, including the Ghana Union of Traders Associations (GUTA) and the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI), have submitted a petition urging Parliament to reject the proposed import restrictions bill. They argue that it could have adverse effects on businesses, impacting prices and disrupting the free flow of goods.

The Minority’s opposition to the regulation, citing concerns about the excessive power it grants to the Minister for Trade, has been reiterated three times.

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