Camidoh Praises Ghanaian Musicians for Fair Treatment Compared to Nigerians

Ghanaian musician Camidoh recently discussed the music industry, particularly comparing the approaches of Ghanaian and Nigerian artists. He praised the Nigerian music scene’s proactive nature, highlighting their dedication and persistence. Camidoh recalled his own experience promoting his hit song “Sugarcane,” noting that he learned from Nigerians’ zeal in pursuing opportunities.

In contrast, Camidoh suggested that Ghanaian artists might not be as exploitative in promoting their music. He emphasized the importance of drive and determination, citing an example of a Nigerian musician who went the extra mile to record in a studio even after closing time.

Camidoh encouraged Ghanaian musicians to adopt a more proactive approach, engaging with DJs and actively promoting their music. He believes that this proactive attitude, akin to that of Nigerian artists, is essential for success in the music industry.

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