xtacy RIDDIM ( Prod by Shelly Vybz)


Welcome to the rhythmic world of Xtacy RIDDIM Instrumental, an electrifying production by the talented Shelly Vybz. Crafted at JungleYaad Studios exclusively for Ranking Family Multimedia, this instrumental promises to elevate your musical creations to new heights.

About the RIDDIM:

Title: Xtacy RIDDIM Instrumental
Producer: Shelly Vybz
Studio: JungleYaad Studios
Genre: [Dancehall, Reggae]


Xtacy RIDDIM Instrumental is a sonic journey into the heart of infectious beats and dynamic melodies. Produced by Shelly Vybz at the renowned JungleYaad Studios, this instrumental carries the unmistakable mark of professional craftsmanship, making it an ideal canvas for artists and creators.


  • Energetic Beats: Immerse yourself in the vibrant and energetic beats that define the RIDDIM Instrumental. Each rhythm is carefully crafted to inspire creativity and bring your musical vision to life.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a budding talent, this instrumental provides the flexibility to explore various musical styles and express your unique sound.

Ranking Family Multimedia:

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Elevate your music with Xtacy RIDDIM Instrumental. Join the musical revolution, and let your creativity soar!

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