LastBorn Royal_Build it Up


Straight from the heart of Ghana, LastBorn Royal makes a resounding impact on the Guidance Riddim Album with his uplifting track, “Build it Up.” In this collaboration, LastBorn Royal brings a distinct Ghanaian flavor to the reggae mix, offering a powerful and motivational anthem that echoes the spirit of perseverance and growth.

As the beats of the Guidance Riddim Album set the stage, LastBorn Royal’s dynamic and rhythmic vocals take the listener on a journey through the uplifting melodies of “Build it Up.” The track opens with an energetic fusion of Ghanaian influences and reggae vibes, creating a vibrant and irresistible sound.

LastBorn Royal’s lyrics become a call to action, encouraging listeners to overcome obstacles and build towards a brighter future. “Build it Up” is not just a song; it’s a declaration of resilience, a reminder that challenges can be transformed into opportunities, and dreams can be realized with determination and effort.

The chorus, filled with infectious energy, becomes a rallying cry for positivity and progress. LastBorn Royal’s charismatic delivery, rooted in his Ghanaian heritage, adds a unique touch to the Guidance Riddim, creating a track that not only entertains but also inspires.

Shelly Vybz’s expert production ensures that the Guidance Riddim provides a fitting backdrop for LastBorn Royal’s exploration of “Build it Up.” The fusion of Ghanaian rhythms and reggae beats creates a sonic synergy that amplifies the motivational message of the track.

As “Build it Up” finds its place within the Guidance Riddim Album, it becomes a standout moment—a celebration of resilience and determination within the reggae and dancehall landscape. LastBorn Royal’s contribution showcases the global reach of Ghanaian music and its ability to seamlessly blend with diverse influences.

The Guidance Riddim Album, now adorned with the vibrant sounds of “Build it Up,” stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit within the reggae genre. LastBorn Royal’s track becomes a beacon of positivity, inviting listeners to join in the journey of growth and empowerment as they navigate the rhythms of life.

LastBorn Royal’s ‘Build it Up’ on the Guidance Riddim Album

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