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The “Guidance Riddim Album” is a musical masterpiece crafted by Ranking Family Multimedia, featuring a fusion of Ghanaian and Jamaican talent. This 30-track album, produced by Shelly Vybz at JungleYaad Studios, showcases a diverse range of musical expressions. Key Features: 1. **Artistic Collaboration:** The album brings together 25 Ghanaian and 5 Jamaican artists, creating a unique blend of cultural influences and musical styles. 2. **Genre Diversity:** With a focus on the reggae and dancehall genres, the Guidance Riddim Album explores various themes, including inspiration, love, affection, and even touches on elements of war through Linguakat’s contribution. 3. **Production Excellence:** Shelly Vybz, renowned for his production skills, has meticulously crafted the beats, ensuring a high-quality listening experience. 4. **Notable Artists:** The album features contributions from acclaimed artists like Sugar Ranking, Method Ranking, Mista C, Nature Ranks, Krekete Xylo, and Linguakat, among others. 5. **Global Appeal:** The collaborative efforts of artists from both Ghana and Jamaica contribute to the global appeal of the album, making it a must-listen for reggae and dancehall enthusiasts worldwide. 6. **Rich Lyrics and Melodies:** Each track is a testament to the lyrical prowess of the artists, delivering powerful messages and engaging melodies that resonate with listeners. 7. **JungleYaad Studios:** The album was recorded and produced at JungleYaad Studios, a hub for creativity and musical innovation. Whether you’re a fan of reggae, dancehall, or simply appreciate rich musical collaborations, the Guidance Riddim Album promises an immersive journey into the world of rhythmic beats, heartfelt lyrics, and cultural fusion.

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