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Meet the young vibrant Ghanaian dancehall artiste making waves in Accra Ghana.

Born 06 August 1999 (23yrs) to the family of Mr and Mrs Morgan lypsticks, Obeng Ayisi Richmond popularly known as Morgan lypstik from 37 Military hospital Greater Accra region of Ghana. At a tender age till date he’s signed under the label of Ranking Family multimedia.

Morgan lypstik is a scholar of St. Thomas Senior High School in Ghana and planning after some debuts to further in more his education. For Morgan lypstik, growing up from the streets of dansoman with his parents and siblings wasn’t challenging to him.

lypstik performing live in a program

Morgan lypstik popularly known is a versatile dancehall musician whose styles of music is unique and draws more fans compared to some dancehall artistes who can’t make use of the physical instruments by themselves.

Morgan lypstik is a sensational and talented act who aims at exhibiting his talents and craft to the world populace. As a vibrant young fast growing up and coming musician under the teachings and instructions of the legendary Sugar Ranking, sought at using his music to reaching out to the young and old.

lypstik performing live in a program

Morgan lypstik is currently signed to Ranking Family multimedia as an artiste. One thing so sure is being signed to the dansoman Accra based record label opens doors to stardom. Ranking Family multimedia is a renowned registered record label in Ghana and has built still counting top superstars in Ghana and afar.

Morgan lypstik extends his gratitude and appreciations to his Brother Nevison G. BARA who introduced him into the culinary space, his Mentor Makoto Terada from Kawasaki, Japan. His Parents and Sister Pauline E. TAKAWIRA.

Morgan lypstik wont forget #Ross Kennedy, CEO for seamless award winning Africa Albida Tourism group. He continues his appreciations to the Leadership and guidance from Mr. Kifalu Masha , Mr. Mulu Nzavi , Mr. Joao Carvallo and the Africa Albida Tourism Group where he started his Music career.

lypstik performing live in a program

Morgan lypstik plans to release his debut album soonest.click below

Morgan lypstik social media and YouTube channel links, follow and subscribe 👇





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