Kwaw Kese Shares How He Met His Wife on Facebook

Ghanaian rapper Kwaw Kese has revealed that Facebook played a crucial role in his love life, sharing that he met his wife Nana Pokua on the social media platform.

During an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Kwaw Kese, also known as “Abodam,” humorously recounted the quirky encounter that kickstarted his journey to finding love.

“My wife married me because I am ‘Abodam [Crazy].’ That time the madness was crazy, and she fell for it.”

He further explained that he was immediately attracted to his wife the first time he saw her at Reggie Rockstone’s nightclub but was unsure how to approach her.

Undeterred, Kwaw Kese took an unconventional route to find her, turning to Facebook for help.

“I went through rapper Scientific’s Facebook friends and I saw Nana Pokua, so I sent her a DM,” Kwaw Kese shared, describing his determined effort to locate his elusive love interest.

After patiently waiting for a week, Nana Pokua responded, sparking a conversation that would change their lives forever.

Reflecting on their journey, Kwaw Kese shared insights into the challenges they faced as a couple, including the adjustments Nana Pokua had to make to accommodate his public persona.

Kwaw Kese and Nana Pokua tied the knot in 2016, following Kwaw Kese’s previous marriage.

Currently, Kwaw Kese is promoting his new song titled ‘Awoyo Sofo.’

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