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I regret slapping Wanlov – Blakk Rasta

black rasta
black rasta

If there’s anything that controversial presenter and Reggae musician, Blakk Rasta would want to change if given the power, it will be that he didn’t slap musician Wanlov De Kubolor.

Blakk Rasta was reported to have slapped Wanlov over some misunderstanding some years ago but now the outspoken presenter says he has a lot of regret for his actions since he has grown fond of his “prey” and has huge respect for him now.

“One person I respect is Wanlov the Kubolor after coming to understand what he stands for.

” If there is someone I need to allow in my space right now, it will be Wanlov the Kubolor. Although he is on the quiet now, I still admire him and want to be close to him if he gives me the chance,” he said.

According to Blakk Rasta, Wanlov the Kubolor is one person that speaks his mind on issues and that is the kind of person he likes.

“I like people who are not afraid to speak their mind and Wanlov is like that. I came to realise we are alike. In fact, I should have understood him then but that is past and I don’t ever want to have issues with him again,” he said.

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