Emeka Ike Opens Up About Divorce Struggles: “Lost Properties and Access to Kids

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike recently opened up about the detrimental impact of his divorce from ex-wife, Emma. The dissolution of their marriage, finalized by a Lagos Island Customary Court on March 3, 2017, was reportedly attributed to alleged continuous battery.

During a live interview on Rubbin Minds, Channels TV, Emeka Ike disclosed that the fallout from his marital issues had far-reaching consequences, leading to the loss of all his properties. The actor expressed how the situation had a profound effect on his well-being, causing a prolonged period of depression.

Emeka Ike shared the distressing news that even his secondary school, St. Nicolas College on CMD Road, Magodo, faced closure due to a substantial investment loss amounting to N480 million in that same year. According to the actor, the recurrent theme of battery played a significant role in the challenging circumstances he faced during that period.


In a recent TV presentation, Nollywood actor Emeka Ike discussed the severe repercussions of his divorce from ex-wife Emma. The dissolution, finalized in 2017 by a Lagos Island Customary Court due to alleged battery, resulted in the loss of all his properties. Emeka Ike revealed during a live interview on Channels TV’s Rubbin Minds that the marital issues had a profound impact on his mental health, leading to a prolonged period of depression. He also mentioned the closure of his secondary school, St. Nicolas College in Magodo, attributing it to a significant investment loss of N480 million that same year, all amid the backdrop of constant battery accusations.

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