Efya prepares for her inaugural solo concert in the UK next month

Ghanaian songstress Efya is gearing up to delight her UK fans with her first solo concert, marking a significant moment since her return to the music scene. The event, organized by Sleeky Promotions, is scheduled for Saturday, March 16, 2024, at The Brickhouse, promising an evening filled with her soulful melodies and captivating rhythms.

Efya took to Instagram to share the exciting news, describing it as “a comeback of another great experience in the UK.” With a repertoire that includes popular tracks like “Best In Me,” “Little Things,” and “Jorley,” the concert is expected to be a memorable one for attendees.

The choice of The Brickhouse as the venue adds to the anticipation, as it is renowned for its spacious and vibrant atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop for Efya’s performance. The singer recently showcased her talent at the Vitamilk Love Night concert, earning rave reviews and further solidifying her position as one of Ghana’s finest vocalists.

Industry insiders and fans alike are buzzing with excitement, with many praising Efya’s dedication to her craft. The upcoming concert is seen as a testament to her renewed focus on music and her commitment to delivering exceptional performances. For Efya’s UK fans, this concert is not just a show—it’s a celebration of her artistry and a chance to experience her music in an intimate and unforgettable setting.

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