“Controversy Sparks as Wizkid’s Manager Jada P Comments on Money and Love After Davido’s Donation”

Wizkid’s manager and his baby mama, Jada P, has sparked a massive online reaction with her comment about using money to buy love. Her statement came just minutes after Davido announced his N300 million donation to orphanages in Nigeria.

Jada P’s comment has stirred up discussions about the role of money in relationships and whether it can truly buy love or happiness. Some people agree with her, suggesting that money can indeed influence how people feel about each other. Others believe that genuine love cannot be bought and that it is more important to focus on building meaningful connections.

The timing of Jada P’s comment, coming right after Davido’s philanthropic gesture, has also raised eyebrows. Some see it as a subtle dig at Davido, implying that his donation is an attempt to buy affection or improve his image. However, others argue that her comment may have been unrelated to Davido’s donation and was simply a reflection of her thoughts on the topic.

Regardless of the interpretation, Jada P’s comment has generated a lot of buzz on social media, with many people sharing their opinions and engaging in lively debates. It serves as a reminder of the complex nature of relationships and the different factors that can influence them.

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