Comedian Funny Face Involved in Kasoa Motor Accident: Concerns Arise Amid Personal Struggles

Ghanaian comedian and actor Funny Face was reportedly involved in a motor accident in Kasoa, Central Region. Eyewitness videos circulating on social media showed bystanders gathered around the actor on Sunday evening.

According to an eyewitness, the accident occurred shortly after he parked his car, hearing a crash immediately afterward. The witness recounted seeing Funny Face’s car collide with a woman, two children, and a man on a motorbike. All four individuals involved in the accident were rushed to the hospital, with concerns particularly for the youngest child’s well-being.

As of now, the police have not confirmed the full details of the accident or any potential casualties.

In recent weeks, Funny Face has been vocal about his struggles to gain access to his children, with his baby mama Vanessa reportedly denying him visitation rights. This ongoing issue has deeply affected Funny Face, who has openly discussed battling depression and seeking treatment in the past. His emotional instability, exacerbated by his strained relationship with Vanessa, has led to a turbulent period in his life.

Prior to the accident, Funny Face expressed his frustration with the situation, mentioning his intention to move on from his predicament and start afresh elsewhere. The incident highlights the challenges he has faced in recent years and underscores the importance of mental health support and family reconciliation.

Watch the Video Here


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