Stonebwoy Triumphs as Bhim Concert Draws Over 30,000 Fans at Accra Sports Stadium, Bullhaus Shades Wizkid”

In a remarkable feat for the Ghanaian music scene, Stonebwoy’s 2023 Bhim Concert witnessed an astounding turnout, with over 30,000 fans filling the Accra Sports Stadium. Bullhaus, the CEO formerly known as Bulldog and an entertainment critic, took to social media to commend Stonebwoy on the monumental success while throwing shade at Nigerian singer Wizkid, who faced challenges filling the same venue in December 2022.

A Stellar Achievement for Stonebwoy:
Bullhaus expressed his admiration for Stonebwoy’s achievement in a post, highlighting the significant turnout at the 40,000-capacity stadium. The video accompanying his post showcased the electrifying atmosphere and excitement among attendees at the Bhim Concert.

Bullhaus’ Swipe at Wizkid:
In his congratulatory message, Bullhaus didn’t miss the opportunity to compare Stonebwoy’s success to Wizkid’s previous performance at the Accra Sports Stadium. He playfully mentioned, “@stonebwoy just achieved what Wizkid couldn’t do at the Accra Sports Stadium. Original MOKO HOOOO! TO THE CHOCKED!!. HUNDRED K PEOPLE! Achiinnnn.”

Recalling Wizkid’s Previous Struggle:
The comments made by Bullhaus allude to the disappointment faced by fans when Wizkid fell short of filling the Accra Sports Stadium in December 2022. The contrasting outcomes have ignited discussions within the entertainment industry, with fans expressing varied opinions on social media.

Fan Reactions and Diverse Opinions:
The video and Bullhaus’ comments sparked reactions from netizens, with some expressing support for Stonebwoy’s success, while others questioned the need for comparisons between artists. The online discourse reflects the competitive nature of the music industry and the passion of fans for their favorite artists.

The Industry Dynamics and Mindset:
Certain comments in the online discussion point to the perceived mindset within the industry, with some fans questioning the expectation that a foreign artist like Wizkid should outperform local talents in their own country. The dynamics of the music scene, as reflected in these comments, showcase the competitive spirit and pride among fans of different artists.

In conclusion, Stonebwoy’s Bhim Concert has not only celebrated a musical milestone but has also fueled discussions on the dynamics of the Ghanaian music industry and the contrasting experiences of international and local artists in filling large venues.

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