Shelly Vybz Protection GUIDANCE RIDDIM Official Video

Title: Protection Artist: Shelly Vybz


Genre: Reggae/Dancehall


“Protection” by Shelly Vybz is a compelling reggae/dancehall track featured on the GUIDANCE RIDDIM album. The song carries a powerful message of resilience and the need for divine protection in the face of life’s challenges. Shelly Vybz’s distinct vocal style adds a unique flavor to the reggae landscape, making “Protection” a standout in the album. Official Music Video: The official music video for “Protection” enhances the emotive essence of the song. Directed by Nature Ranks, the visuals unfold a captivating narrative that complements the lyrics. The video explores themes of spirituality, strength, and the quest for protection in a visually stunning and symbolic manner. Shelly Vybz’s performance is charismatic, bringing the song’s message to life. Key Elements: Visual Storytelling: The video weaves a visual story that resonates with the song’s theme. Cinematography: The use of vibrant colors and cinematic shots enhances the viewing experience. Symbolism: Symbolic elements are incorporated to deepen the meaning of the song. Links: Watch on YouTube Stream on Spotify Buy on iTunes “Protection” by Shelly Vybz is more than a song; it’s a visual and auditory journey that invites listeners to reflect on the universal desire for protection and guidance.

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