How it Started: Ranking Family

Ranking Family Music Group

Ranking Family originally emerged as a music group in the late 90s, consisting of the legendary Sugar Ranking and the late Terry-Bome-Chaka. Their remarkable talents propelled them to individual success, garnering recognition and acclaim. Along the way, they took on the role of mentoring, nurturing and grooming aspiring musicians such as Shata Wale, Wutah, Rudeboy Ranking, and many others.

After a decade of musical accomplishments, the members of Ranking Family made the strategic decision to transform the group into a record label, solidifying its position in the Ghanaian music industry. Today, Ranking Family Multimedia stands as a prominent record label and event-organizing company, dedicated to manufacturing, distributing, and promoting the music of its affiliated artists.

Ranking Family Music Group
Ranking Family Music Group

With a rich history of talent cultivation and mentorship, Ranking Family Multimedia continues to be a driving force in the growth and development of the Ghanaian music scene. The label’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and supporting emerging talent has shaped its reputation as a respected entity in the industry.

As Ranking Family Multimedia carries the legacy of its founders forward, it remains focused on providing a platform for artists to express their creativity, fostering collaborations, and organizing memorable events that showcase the wealth of talent within its roster. With a strong foundation rooted in the music group’s beginnings, Ranking Family Multimedia has evolved into a multifaceted entity, contributing to the vibrant music landscape of Ghana.

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