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Experience the Captivating Sounds of Shelly Vybz and Join Our Music Group!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Afrobeat and Reggae Dancehall music? Look no further! Shelly Vybz, a supremely talented artist and producer, is here to captivate your senses and take you on a musical journey like no other.

Owusu Frank Boateng, professionally known as Shelly Vybz, hails from the rich cultural heritage of Assin, Achiase in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Drawing inspiration from his roots, Shelly Vybz infuses his music with vibrant rhythms and soul-stirring melodies that resonate with audiences worldwide.

From a young age, Shelly Vybz recognized his passion for music, embarking on his artistic journey at just 10 years old. Through relentless dedication and a commitment to honing his craft, he quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent. Attending Volta Barracks basic school and later pursuing his high school education at Kpedze Senior High School, Shelly Vybz nurtured his musical prowess while simultaneously acquiring a solid education.

In 2015, Shelly Vybz made his mark on the industry with his debut single, “Yuh Body Perfect.” Since then, he has continued to astound listeners with hits like “Burn Dem” and “Cyan Pull We Down,” showcasing his versatility and musical range. By seamlessly blending Afrobeat and Reggae Dancehall elements, Shelly Vybz creates a unique sound that resonates with fans of various genres.

Driven by a desire to constantly elevate his skills, Shelly Vybz pursued sound engineering studies at All Stars Media College. Equipped with a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of music production, he released his first riddim, the highly acclaimed “Guidance Riddim.” This project brought together approximately 30 artists from Ghana and Jamaica, underscoring Shelly Vybz’s passion for collaboration and creating vibrant musical experiences.

Shelly Vybz’s dedication and talent have not gone unnoticed. His contributions to the music industry earned him a nomination for the “Best Student in Music” category at the prestigious CBAZE Awards 2017/2018, solidifying his position as a rising star within the Ghanaian music scene.

Having collaborated with renowned studios such as Gadzone Records and Jahlive Records, Shelly Vybz has now found a home at Jungle Yaad Studios and signed with Ranking Family Records. This affiliation further cements his status as an artist to watch in the dynamic Ghanaian music landscape.

However, Shelly Vybz’s aspirations extend beyond musical success. He strives to utilize his music as a catalyst for positive change and inspiration in the lives of people worldwide. With lyrics that carry profound messages and melodies that uplift the spirit, Shelly Vybz aims to connect with listeners on a deeper level, making a tangible impact on society through the power of his music.

By joining our music group, you will have the incredible opportunity to experience the magic of Shelly Vybz firsthand. As a member, you’ll gain access to exclusive content, collaborations, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals passionate about music and personal growth.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of Shelly Vybz’s musical journey and witness the transformational power of Afrobeat and Reggae Dancehall music. Sign up as a member of our music group today and embark on an extraordinary adventure filled with rhythm, melody, and inspiration.

🎶 Let the captivating sounds of Shelly Vybz ignite your soul! 🎶

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