“Call from the Streets: Advocating for the Rights of African Children”

Ranking Family is proud to present “Call from the Streets,” one of our impactful campaign projects dedicated to advocating for the rights and well-being of children in Africa. As part of this initiative, we have composed a powerful theme song, titled “Call from the Streets,” which was created by the talented artist Sugar Ranking.

The project’s primary focus is to shed light on the numerous challenges faced by children across Africa and rally support for their cause. Through this campaign, we aim to raise awareness and promote action against pressing issues such as child malnutrition, child labour, child abuse, child trafficking, and child molestation.

Africa currently faces a critical situation, with approximately one-fifth of its population (278 million people) suffering from undernourishment. Shockingly, 55 million children under the age of five are affected by severe malnutrition, resulting in stunted growth. We firmly believe that the hunger crisis in Africa is a consequence of inadequate political choices.

Furthermore, statistics provided by worldforgottenchildren.org indicate that Africa has the highest percentage of children engaged in hazardous work, with an alarming estimate of 72.1 million children in child labour and 31.5 million involved in hazardous work. Additionally, every year, 275 million children are either victims of or witnesses to domestic violence and abuse. Out of 1.2 million child trafficking victims, 32% originate from Africa, emphasizing the urgent need for action.

At Ranking Family, we strongly believe that the future of any society depends on the well-being and development of its children. Sadly, the marginalized perspective on children’s rights and freedom seems to be declining. To address this issue, we are committed to utilizing the power of music to influence lives positively. By launching the “Call from the Streets” sensitization project, we aim to educate the public about the critical importance of investing in our children today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Our campaign, which began almost two decades ago, unfortunately, experienced a hiatus due to circumstances beyond our control. However, we are now calling for much-needed attention and support to prioritize the well-being of children. As evidenced by the achievements of recent world boxing champions, 90% of whom began their journeys in childhood, the guidance and opportunities we provide for our children significantly shape their futures and contribute to a free and prosperous society.

We invite everyone to join us in the fight against child labour, child abuse, child trafficking, and child molestation. Instead, let us promote confidence and empowerment through sports and entertainment competitions. We also advocate for the establishment of robust child affairs monitoring systems to ensure the protection and welfare of children.

The children are calling out from the streets, and with just a little support from each of us, we can make a remarkable difference. Together, let us stand up for the rights of African children, offering them hope, opportunity, and a chance for a better future.

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Call From the Streets’ Sugar Ranking Ft Chana
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