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Blakk Rasta ‘Diss’ Shata Wale Again

Blakk Rasta, a popular Ghanian radio and TV presenter as well as a Reggae Music Singer ‘diss’ Shata Wale once again it seems that he has trigged another beef with Shata wale by sending heavy ‘shellings.

Although this is not the first time he throws a jab to the SM Boss, he went on harder this time to call the later’s recent album a waste. He made the following staetement on his twitter handle: “Afro Nation ang Global Citezen no call Junkie. GRA too dey Chase am for Tax. Back to undrground. Gift of Satan. Sheige Dan Banza.”

These statements has attracted a lot of fan debates from both sides. Notable amonst them are insults being yelled mostly at Blakk by SM fans. If Blakk Rasta ‘diss’ Shata Wale such hard,what do you think would happen? Let us all wait to hear. Rankingfamily News Team would get your informed.

Our Comments

Disclaimer: -These comments are not facts and do not add up to Blakk Rasta or Shata Wale. They are our mere opinions.

  1. Afro Nation and Global Citizen– This is the official name for Blakk Rasta and affiliates as publishers or entertainers.So in context, he want to mean he did not call Shata Wale described as Junkie( A person who uses hard drugs).
  2. GRA too dey Chase am for Tax – Blakk Rasta want to mean that the Ghana Revenue Authority is demanding tax payment from shata Wale but he has been hiding and running away from it.
  3. Gift of Satan-Gift of God is the title of Shata wale’s new album. so saying Gift of Satan and ending it with ‘waste album’ need no explanation. Or you dont think so? leave your comment at the comments section.
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